Roe v wade// Supreme Court failure of identification of culprit who leaked// abortion decision overturned Roe v Wade.

Supreme Court says it failed to find the person who leaked the case that led to the overturning of Roe v Wade. It comes more than 8 months after the unprecedented leak.

Been investigators says they interviewed 97 Supreme Court employees & performed forensic analysis, but the leaker still remains a mystery.
After a length investigation, the Supreme Court says it’s unable to conclusively identify who leaked the draft opinion published in politico last may. The stunning leak revealing the High Court’s plan to rollback abortion rights.

This is never happened in American history and the court may never be the same when it comes to the trust between the justice and all of their law clerks because it has only been about trust. The Supreme Court martial conducted the investigation, focusing on law clerks and permanent employees , checking their phones and browsing history, but steel coming up short.

The league set off nation wide protests from both sides of the abortion debate and served as the preview of the courts final ruling in June, overturning Roe versus Wade. The only way to restore the protections of Roe is for Congress to pass a national law codifying the right to choose, No executive action will actually deal with that.

Today, thousands will gather in Washington DC, for the Annual March for Life Rally. Views tells me that fight over abortion rights is not over.

So at March, our goal is to work for the day when abortion is unthinkable.

This Mars the first time the event will be hold since the Supreme Court struck down Roe versus Wade.
And when it comes to the leaked draft opinion, the Supreme Court martial also says that it’s unlikely that the Supreme Court’s information technology systems were compromised.

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